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Ryuichiro Hataya’s webpage.



I am Ryuichiro Hataya, PhD student at UTokyo, RA at RIKEN AIP, RA at RIISE at UTokyo.

Research Interests

  • Weakly-supervised Learning
  • Meta Learning
  • Energy-based Models
  • Application of DL (Medical imaging, Palaeontology, Chemistry)


  • I will serve as a meetup chair for NeurIPS 2021.
  • My research proposal has been accepted in JSPS’s travel grant.
  • My research proposals have been accepted by Microsoft Research Asia, and RIISE at UTokyo.
  • We organized a NeurIPS meetup and Women in ML in Japan: https://neuripsmeetupjapan.github.io.
  • Our paper “Decomposing Normal and Abnormal Features of Medical Images for Content-based Image Retrieval” is accepted at ML4H 2020.


Latest Post



Conference Papers (Peer-reviewed)


  • Ryuichiro Hataya, Hideki Nakayama, and Kazuki Yoshizoe, “Graph Energy-based Model for Substructure Preserving Molecular Design.” 2021. arxiv
  • Ryuichiro Hataya, Jan Zdenek, Kazuki Yoshizoe, and Hideki Nakayama, “Meta Approach to Data Augmentation Optimization.” 2020. arXiv


  • Kazuma Kobayashi, Ryuichiro Hataya, Yusuke Kurose, Tatsuya Harada, and Ryuji Hamamoto, “Decomposing Normal and Abnormal Features of Medical Images for Content-based Image Retrieval.” Machine Learning for Health Workshop at NeurIPS 2020. (Peer Reviewed, Extended Abstract)
  • Ryuichiro Hataya, Kumiko Matsui, Tomoki Karasawa, “Learning to Identify Large Fossils using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks”, Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. Vol 52, No. 6, 2020.

Other Research Activities


Research Grants

  • Research Project of Differentiable Data Augmentation for Image Recognition, Overseas Challenge Program for Young Researchers by JSPS, ¥1.4M, 2021.
  • Research Project of Interactive Image Generation, Microsoft Research Asia Collaborative Research Program (D-CORE 2021) by MSRA, ¥1.0M, 2021.
  • Research Project of Inclusive Image Recognition, Sprouting Research RA’s in Value Exchange Engineering by RIISE@UTokyo, ¥2.0M, 2020~2022.


  • Best Student Paper Award, The 23rd Meeting on Image Recognition and Understanding, 2020.


  • Meetup Chair of NeurIPS, 2021.
  • Organizer of NeurIPS meetup Japan & Women in ML, 2020.